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      Cai Xiang is Selected as Creative Talent of Double Thousand Plan

          To implement the strategy of invigorating the market through talents, and strengthening the leading and bracing power of high-level talents for the constructing Zigong central areas, Zigong launches the Double Thousand Plan to nurture and bring in talents. After the recommendation of Zigong Culture, Broadcasting and News Bureau, and the examination of Zigong Organization Department, Bureau of Human Resources and Social Service and so on, Cai Xiang, the independent president of Zigong Lantern Festival & Trade Group is selected into this plan, becoming the only candidate of Zigong lantern field.

          On November 23rd , the defensing meeting was held in Zigong Huidong Hotel. In this meeting, Cai Xiang gave a penetrating explanation to the innovation achievements, outstanding performance and the future plan, receiving unanimous praise and admiration.

          It is said that the commendation meeting for the Double Thousand Plan will be held recently.