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      Industry Chain


      Lantern fair operation

      The company's professional management team has more than 30 years of management experience and a mature service system for the entire industry chain of the lantern festival. It is engaged in the entire industry chain business content including venue selection, lantern design, production, transportation, installation, exhibition, exhibition, sales, etc.

      design & production

      The company's design team has gathered years of international new design concepts and applied lighting technology to create exquisite and creative colored lights. By combining tradition with fashion, culture with ecology, the traditional culture of colored lights is made more visually impactful and infectious.

      implemetation & management

      The company relies on the colorful lantern exhibition as a commercial display window and trading platform, utilizing the advantages of overseas lantern exhibitions to drive domestic commercial and cultural products to "go global", truly forming a "cultural+" fission effect, and achieving the transformation from small business in lantern exhibition parks to large business and trade in exhibitions.

      Full operation of exhibitions

      The company's professional management team has over 30 years of management experience and a mature exhibition industry chain service system, engaged in full industry chain business content including early planning, market promotion, exhibition recruitment, customer service, exhibition deployment, etc.

      Simulation Products & Seneray Beautification

      The group's "Oriental Lantern (Cultural Products Export) Mechanical and Electrical Components and Product Manufacturing Base" is located in Bancang Industrial Park, Zigong National High tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of nearly 30 acres and a construction area of over 10000 square meters. It is the "Southern Lantern City" - Zigong, and even a comprehensive industrial base for simulation/color light optoelectronic cultural products nationwide.

      City Art Lighting

      On the basis of urban lighting, create different atmospheres such as scenes, culture, and stories, and present dreamy scenes with materialization or exaggeration

      Cleverly utilizing various advanced modern light sources, holographic projection, and combining traditional handicrafts and other mature technological means to support creative implementation

      Miniature Lamp Exhibition

      Having independent intellectual property rights

      New viewing format

      The World's Only Immersive Theme Light Exhibition