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      About us



      China Zigong Lantern Festival& Trade Group Co,Ltd.

      China Zigong Lantern Festival & Trade Group Co., Ltd. is the first group company in Zigong lantern industry. Founded in 1990, with more than thirty years of history of colored lantern industry, is the earliest state-owned cultural enterprises specializing in Zigong Lantern Festival.

      China Zigong Lantern Festival & Trade Group Co., Ltd. is the witness of the start, development and rise of the Zigong lantern industry, the company's main business posture and industrial history of the most representative of the colored lantern industry. More than thirty years the company after three restructurings, has developed into a domestic 4, 2 foreign wholly owned (subsidiary) companies, registered capital of 15 million yuan, assets of more than 200 million yuan of colored lanterns group of companies. The company's industry involves the exhibition of lanterns, innovative technology development, urban landscape building, exhibition, cultural communication, and other fields.

      So far more than thirty years the company in more than 300 domestic large and medium-sized cities, the world's five continents (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania) more than 60 cities in 30 countries held a large and medium-sized light show, the cumulative number of people watching the lights reached more than 400 million, to achieve domestic and international exhibitions and sales revenue of more than 1 billion yuan, foreign exchange earnings of more than 100 million U.S. dollars, the company's overall strength ranked in the forefront of the colored lantern enterprises.

      Development History

      • 2019
        In 2019, the Group will fully integrate its business segments and vigorously develop new media light and shadow and miniature exhibition works.
      • 2017
        In 2017, launched the indoor miniature light art project with its own intellectual property rights and independent IP, and actively innovated and expanded the miniature exhibition of other cultural categories;
      • 2016
        In 2016, for the first time in the light group works combined with naked eye 3D light and shadow technology to present the effect, officially opened the new media light and shadow business project;
      • 2007
        In 2007, we innovated and upgraded the traditional lantern art, combined with modern urban art, and began to cooperate with cultural tourism projects to develop early night tour works;
      • 1990
        In 1990, the group was established, and for the first time the traditional colored lantern culture exported abroad; investment and operation "Oriental colored lanterns. Global Tour", which was exhibited in dozens of countries such as the United States, Britain, Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Russia and so on.

      Company Honor

      The company has been awarded the title of "National Key Enterprise for Cultural Export" for eight consecutive years, and is the only cultural enterprise of exhibition category in China that has been awarded this honor continuously. Meanwhile, seven overseas exhibition projects have been honored as "National Key Cultural Export Projects".


      Company Honor